Flawless Communication in the information technology infrastructure.


Teamwork requires flawless communication between your computers, laptops, printers, faxes, telephones, scanners, servers, and surveillance cameras. All devices in the office now with the possibility of a network are interconnected in one or more computer networks. This saves time and allows for the sharing of resources such as the use of the printer from any computer in the office.

 Your network is a new window to the world. In word like this IT Services and computer support is a must. It is the circulatory system in the office. Through it passes all information from and about you. Internet is not the only network. You use local smaller networks in the office, at home, between ISPs. Fast and reliable network allows you to reach all the resources to quickly download large files, send messages to colleagues to lead videoconferencing, etc.

Good network requires good planning in the construction phase, as well as special regular care afterward. Without Help Desk Support, the work of the modern office is impossible. To be effective, the network must be designed and built by professionals and should be protected from hackers and unauthorized access. Communication between offices must pass through virtual private networks (VPN) or "tunnels". For ease of use mobile devices such as laptops and SMART phones, for example, is required a remote support and wireless communication access points or called - Access points. To protect the internal network care router or router. AP or access point is "fuse" that keeps the internal network from hacker attacks. The network can now include phones with the PBX. This allows tremendous opportunities as voice menus, record conversations statistics, search by keywords, and create automatic rules for the transfer, remote extensions and much more. This entire network infrastructure requires constant administration and support that can be offered by the PSP Computers.

 We can build computer networks in your office or between your offices, wherever they are located. We use only quality network components and materials from proven producers in building networks with the possibility of certification of networks and providing a longer warranty. This ensures high speed and reliability in the long run. Our experts will advise you on the best way to be able to select the correct components such as sockets, cables, switches, routers, Wi-Fi extenders, access points and more. You could get a guarantee network even more than 15 years, if you put quality components from certified manufacturers of network equipment and wiring. Each office that holds the security, availability and reliability of their computer networks must use only high-quality network components.

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